Posted on Aug 26, 2021

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eToro Copy Trading | $1000 on CryptoPortfolio (Cryptos by Market Cap)

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular investment for individuals and institutions and helps diversify portfolios from drops in stock prices.

With so many cryptos to choose from, I believe in investing in the largest capital, the Crypto Portfolio which is managed by eToro and allocates several of the highest capital cryptos into one portfolio to get exposure and diversification of the top crypto coins.

The weight or percentage of each crypto in the portfolio is decided on how high the market cap is, with a minimum of 5% per coin.

The Cryptos by Market Cap CryptoPortfolio will be rebalanced yearly or by investment committee discretion, where new crypto can be added or removed depending on their market cap or new listings or delisting of crypto.

The minimum investment is $1000 and has a gain of 379.75% since its creation in January 2018.

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