Posted on Mar 6, 2021

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eToro | How to Trade

Step one is select your investment amount or budget and trading strategy. I plan to invest in 5 to 10 high cap stocks in companies I am familiar with or have interest in as this makes trading much easier more enjoyable. I plan to buy low and sell high or hold for the long term while the company grows in value. Also I will diversify the stock categories for risk management.

I will be using the RSI model to select stocks that are oversold meaning less demand for the stock so the price drops, on the RSI chart this will be when a stock is at least under the 30%. The RSI model is basically a measure of if the stock is oversold meaning below the 30% line which is a good price to buy, or overbought when the stock is over the 70% line meaning its over priced.

I will use which is a stock screener to find stocks that are oversold meaning at a good price to buy, Then I will research Google for news on why the stock has dropped in value, then I will check what the price targets and which analysts rating the stock has at

After the research I will buy the stocks individually over a time period until I have completed the portfolio, you don't need to buy all the stock at once.

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