Posted on Jul 27, 2021

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eToro Minimum Deposit and Minimum Copy Amount.

eToro Minimum Deposit was temporarily changed over the past year from $200 to $1000, then to $500 for technical and stock exchange limitations reasons and to protect its investors and the computers running the platform.

But I am happy to report that the first time minimum deposit is back to the normal $200 for most countries, but there are some exceptions, remember after the first deposit, all future minimum deposits will be $50.

The minimum amount to copy a Popular Investor was also temporarily increased from $200 to $500 with the minimum amount to invest in one stock increased from $1 to $2 for the same reason as mentioned above.

But, again, I am happy to report the minimum copy amount is back to $200 with the minimum amount to invest in one stock back to $1.

But please check each popular investor's profile for instruction on the minimum amount to copy their whole profile. Why? Let me show you.

To successfully open each trade on your copy, each stock in the Popular investor stock portfolio has to be at least 0.5% of their total investment, as 0.5% of the $200 is $1.

Example: Copy an investor with $200 and they buy a Stock with 0.5 of their portfolio meaning I invest $1, as 0.5% of $200 equals $1.

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