Posted on Mar 4, 2021

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eToro | Setting up an Account

What you will need:

Proof (Photo) of identities such as a Passport or official ID and proof of address such as a bill not older than 6 months. Also, you need a valid phone and email address to confirm your account, and make sure to select a caught username that is easy to remember.

My advice is to complete your profile to 100 percent then deposit funds to speed up the process. If you are depositing by bank transfer make sure to add your user name in the notes of the transfer to speed up the process.

Also, remember to read the Terms & Conditions.

Verification can take a few days to approve and eToro will contact you when approved or if you need to upload different documents if they were not suitable with clear instruction on what's needed, there is no need to contact support during this time, once verified you will have a green tick next to your username.

If you are setting up a second account you need to upload your ID and Proof of Address then contact support to link your phone number to your new account.

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