Posted on Mar 27, 2021

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eToro Copy Trading with $10,000 on rubymza.

Heloïse Greeff or username rubymza was the first Elite Pro popular investor on eToro, and has been trading since 2016, originally from South Africa but currently based in the U.K.

Rubymza focuses her trades on US indices, tech and pharma value stocks plus some cryptocurrencies with a long term strategy of 5 to 10 years, and doesn’t let emotions control her trades. Rubymza describes her trading strategy as low risk with moderate return with more focused on technical than fundamentals.

Rubymza uses her MBA in A.I to analyze data to understand patterns and trends in the markets while keeping a diverse portfolio to reduce risk while achieving great returns.

Rubymza is intelligent and driven, being a part of many startups over the world and helping to develop A.I. both academically and in business.

Rubymza average gains over the past 4 profitable years is 27.27% and has currently nearly 20,000 copiers with 80.65% profitable trade over the last 12 months.

Rubymza recommends you copy open trades with a min of $1000 for 2 years plus.

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